Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Verse After Life

I asked if I could call him Daniel. It had never been his favorite way to be addressed in life, he explained. Too biblical. But he would agree if it pleased me. It pleased me. Daniel had left his earthly body behind in 2007 at the age of 56. Prostate cancer that had spread to the bone.He saw the pain in my face as he explained and reassured me.

"It's ok, Cassie. My cancer was my vehicle. Nothing more. I had to make it to this next phase of learning somehow."

He had called me Cassie from the moment we met. He said he didn't know how he came up with that name but I didn't question it or object.

One of Daniel's deepest desires was to share with me and subsequently, with others, what it had been like for him to leave his body--to explain the soul's confusion and the unresolved earthly desires we carry with us. He accomplished this through poetry.

Every morning, after I had traveled, I would wake with a sacred poetic message swimming in my head. In short order, his words would make way to the tips of my fingers. How accurately I would write down his words would depend on my own spiritual clarity, day by day. Some days the poetry was clumsy, with a child like nature. Other days, I could bring in his grace--his brilliance. With melodic verse, I grew closer to knowing how completely we misunderstand death. With each melodic verse, also I grew closer to him.

A Soul’s Confusion

On the other side there’s a rainbow
The first thing the Soul’s Eye will see.
Will it be the same for all who go
Or was this plan in place just for me?

Next, a doorway to a learning
As chasmic as learning can be;
And when the learning is over
The soul earns its chance to be free.

My earthly life, just a memory
 A strong hold that just won’t let go.
To see and to taste and to touch just once more
A new world now I must know.

In the waters here, there’s a cleansing.
As pure as a cleansing can be.
And once the cleansing is over
The soul earns its chance to be free.

Where do I go from here?
Awake to the choices, the meanings so deep
Where do I go from here?
While you sleep, my dear one, while you sleep?

                                                               Daniel (June, 2010)

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