Monday, January 9, 2017

Staying Real: The True Challenge

My manuscript of the Sweet Creamy Stuff in the Middle: Love Above and Beyond is nearing completion. The writing is done.The cover is designed. But let me ask your life, how hard or how easy it is to remain authentic?

I thought I had that issue pretty much under control but in the last phase of writing this book, I found myself very vulnerable and reactive to outside opinions. The title of the book, the description of what the contents really hold, came under scrutiny from the outside world. Does that happen to you, in your writing, in your work, in your relationships, in the truth of who you really are?

Some of us have spent years, not even knowing who we are anymore.,,chameleon like creatures, amazingly adept at changing our colors to match our surroundings instead of creating surroundings to match our soul's exquisite energy of love and truth.

That was my personal mission this morning. To revise the book cover and its title to match my heart's purpose and to honor the beautiful souls who have enlisted me as a devoted messenger to deliver the ecstasy, poetry and beauty through this book.

Perhaps that message stands alone today. About how each of us is showing up in any given situation. How important it is to make the shift from adjusting our environment to support us rather than losing ourselves, by fitting in.

I am excited to share this completed work with you in very short order. Stay tuned dear friends. Meanwhile, a little teaser. A poem, an excerpt from the book.


I walk yet you hear not a footstep.
No imprint that waits in the sand
I cry yet you hear not a whimper.
This being, no longer a man.

I once made a mark on the earth plane.
Chased madly the thunderous applause
Only now that my ashes are scattered
I’m not the effect, but the cause.

New power comes hard and with effort.
With a wisp of a thought, I can heal.
Though few now on this plane can see me
It’s the first time my purpose is real.

What a relief to finally get real!
Through death we find out what’s real?

                                            Daniel 2010

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